Top 8 Tax Saving Mutual Fund Investment in 2019

The economy has been through so much of ups and downs in the stock market in 2018 that it has become difficult to predict the market in 2019

Investing comes with risks which makes everyone a bit afraid …… including myself. And the market moving up and down does not help at all. But then we at MSL Corporate Advisory, know there are different ways to minimize risk and reap rewards. We wanted to share one such reliable option with all of you

While nobody can track the market at any moment. But there is always a long run trend that can be predicted with high probability by stock market experts.

In such unpredictable times, it would be best to go ahead with Mutual Funds for playing safe in the equity and debt market. One could opt for Equity Oriented or Debt Oriented Funds depending upon the investment objective. Expert Fund Managers in the market can keep an eye on your investments and make timely decisions of investing your money at right time in the right stock and also timely exit.

But, once you study the performance of various Mutual Funds in all categories, be it ELSS or Balanced or Sectoral – you will realize there is hardly any fund that has provided outstanding results. However, when we go through the previous years’ data, it will be easier to identify the out-performers. It goes without saying that the returns will also depend on the time of entry and exit in the specific Mutual Fund.

Also, last one year’s performance cannot be set as a parameter to make the decision of purchase. Then, the question is which parameters would help in deciding the right type of fund to be selected in 2019. Since, most of us rush on last days of Financial Year for Tax related investments – it becomes imperative to go through the following funds quickly – for tax planning in Financial Year 2018-19.

Do watch out for future blogs for  further understanding of the parameters for selection of Mutual Funds.

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